Because you can't fit much in an average social media profile.


You're probably here because you followed a link from the @grumpysmiffy profile on Twitter, or from @grumpysmiffy@aus.social. Two quite different platforms, same person, and similar restrictions on how much you can fit in a profile. Hence this page.

Per aus.social: Language and food obsessed cranky stream of consciousness, living on stolen Narungga land. Pronouns he/him.

My Twitter account is locked for reasons of work, and also because I want to have a safe and comfortable space not only for myself, but also for the good people of the friendly, inclusive space that is my close network. Want to come in and say hi? You're more than welcome!

Please don't assume...

But... Before you consider a follow request, I don't think you'll enjoy my accounts if you are: racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, MRA, white supremacist, anti-migrant - because that means you don't like my friends, and that's a blockin'. (And don't get me going on "Free Speech" because I don't think I've seen the term used since the rise of social media for any other purpose than to justify Being a Dick.)

Why am I even saying this? On public accounts, I'd like to think that my regular content speaks for itself but, just occasionally, people like that think I'm people like them; easier, of course, on a locked account, where they can't see my content. So let's just set the record straight, OK?


On my primary (unlocked) Twitter account, @smiffy you will get a general stream of consciousness with bias towards food, language, dogs, Instagram cross-posts, gardening, Cold War related stuff (my area of recreational study,) and obscure mostly European music.

@grumpysmiffy is where I am heading though, still lowering my social profile on my primary because, technically in the public service, I could find myself subject to restrictive social media rules, so it's off to the locked place for more and more personal stuff. The Grumpy one is also where I go for peace and quiet, when the dumpster-fire quotient of my main timeline gets a bit much. (Like round elections.)

I'm more sweary on Grumpy accounts.

Rotation-Curation (RoCur) Accounts

I am very much into these, have hosted lots, follow (and interact with) lots, and am the administrator for @WeRWorld (see also werworld.org.)

Contact & Keybase

  • Social media!
  • Protonmail user grumpysmiffy. (gs@ this domain is an alias to this.)
  • https://keybase.io/smiffy (there is a Keybase proof for this domain.)


This site does not use cookies, but I am rather partial to Pfeffernüsse.